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Clinical workflow automation software for complex care teams

FlowHawk™ is built to streamline clinical workflows for organ transplantation with the ability to scale across your enterprise for purposeful collaboration in a variety of complex care environments.

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Transform the organ transplant journey with more efficient workflows

Clinical workflows and communication shouldn’t be the hardest part of organ transplant operations. We provide care teams with reliable tools to simplify clinical workflows and standardize complex care pathways.

What else can your data do for you?

Leverage digital tools to standardize processes and empower care teams with access to data and insights that help improve productivity, mitigate the impact of staffing shortages, and optimize billing.

Put your data to work

“Using OmniLife Health has been great. Being involved in the conversation cuts down on repeated calls, texts, and mistakes. It is AMAZING!”

Nicole Patterson, RN, BSN, CCTC
Transplant Nurse Manager

Simplify complex workflows, don’t reinvent them

Complex care, like organ transplantation, requires a high degree of multi-disciplinary interaction. This makes it hard for hospitals and health systems to create tools or standardized workflows that work for their transplant departments.

As a result, transplant tends to get left behind, requiring teams to “make it work” by relying on email, text messages, faxes, paper-based checklists, and other forms of manual documentation or data entry.

See FlowHawk for transplant

Just “making it work” is hard work

Our HIPAA-compliant organ transplant workflow app can help your organization:

  • Mitigate the risk of HIPAA violations and security breaches
  • Improve productivity to alleviate staffing shortages
  • Reduce burnout by improving staff experience
  • Analyze time data to enhance operations, staff training and monitoring, billing optimization, and business and clinical outcomes

Enterprise SaaS platform

  • Scalable to grow with your organization
  • Expandable into other complex clinical environments
  • Centralized, single source of truth

Workflow automation

  • Integrates with existing processes
  • Digitizes paper-based checklists
  • Closed-loop communications


  • Designed for organ transplant
  • Customizable

HIPAA-compliant SMS/email communications

  • Meet security requirements
  • Maintain compliance in mobile
  • ONC Certified
  • HITRUST Certified

EHR augmentation

  • Ability to bring semantic data directly into the EHR
  • Avoids manual documentation


  • Connects with external systems such as logistics and pumps
  • Makes data from external systems actionable/useful at point of care

Data services & reporting

  • Staffing Optimization: Staff monitoring and activity tracking
  • Billing Optimization: Time study reports
  • Operational Optimization: Quality and process improvement
  • Communication logs


  • Allowable cost on the cost report as a pre-transplant expense

Revenue Capture

  • Optimize time study accuracy and compliance with OmniLife data
  • Optimize procurement surgery billing


FlowHawk integrates with all the critical systems you rely on for organ transplantation and care coordination. Also ask us about custom integrations.

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Ready for real organ transplant process improvement?

See how FlowHawk can work for you

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Beaverton, OR 97008-7105

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