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Measuring impact

FlowHawk™ — OmniLife Health’s flagship clinical workflow automation software — gives unparalleled access to data and insights that drive process improvement and optimize billing in complex care environments, like organ transplant.

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You can’t optimize what you aren’t measuring

FlowHawk brings data standardization and digitization to multi-disciplinary care teams stuck in paper-based processes, like those involved in organ transplants. Learn how FlowHawk elevates hospital and health system financial, operational, and clinical performance.

Financial Impacts

Lead a profitable transplant team

Demonstrating ROI is a challenge in complex care environments that lack standardized workflows for communication, documentation, and reporting.

FlowHawk is designed to integrate dispersed care teams and technology systems for a more comprehensive view into the activities, costs, and outcomes associated with complex clinical care including increased accuracy and compliance of time studies.

All costs associated with FlowHawk are allowable on the Medicare cost report as pre-transplant expenses, further helping your organization’s bottom line.

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Operational Impacts

Drive process improvement throughout the organ transplant journey

Quality improvement thrives on effective and efficient clinical communication followed up with consistent data collection and clear reporting. Unfortunately, transplant teams have not historically benefited from the modern digital workflows enjoyed by their peers.

FlowHawk changes the conversation around transplant care. Automated digital workflows and comprehensive reporting allow operational leaders to:

  • Easily report on outcomes
  • Demonstrate clinical improvement
  • Effectively manage resources
  • Improve process and staff efficiencies

FlowHawk empowers transplant departments with the organization and data they need to improve profits and performance.

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Clinical Impacts

Streamline organ transplant communication and improve care

Inefficient communication is among the leading causes of frustration, delays, and errors reported by clinical staff working in organ transplant and organ failure care.

FlowHawk brings order and clarity to transplant-related workflows, making it easier and faster to communicate time-sensitive information and keep digital records from end to end.

“The OmniLife Health standard will speed up organ placement and improve organ and care quality.”

Transplant Surgeon

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Make your organ transplant data work for you

FlowHawk provides a single source of truth for transplant teams, bringing internal data and external systems together at the point of care and beyond for more informed clinical and operational decision making.

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Ready for real organ transplant process improvement?

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