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Revenue capture and billing optimization

OmniLife Health’s workflow tools for revenue capture and billing optimization are helping hospitals drive revenue and improve the scalability of their operations.

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Turn communication data into revenue

Transplant center staff spend on average 60% more time communicating than they report. OmniLife Health’s workflow and communication tools help you increase time study compliance and accuracy in a completely automated way, reducing the burden to your front-line staff.

Every minute that your teams on pre-transplant related activities and communications are documented in a centralized and auditable with APIs to push this data into your existing time study or billing processes.

Improving procurement surgery billing

As a result of allocation changes and broader distribution, transplant surgeons across the county are collaborating greater than ever by allowing their surgical colleagues to procure on their behalf. This use of non-employed/non-affiliated surgeons has created a challenge for physician practice teams. Procurement billing activity does not typically get entered into the medical practice management software billing platform as do patient-related claims.

A non-employee/non-affiliated surgeon (or their teams) must bill the Host OPO or Receiving Transplant Center for their procurement-related activity. The Host OPO or Receiving Transplant Center for which the organ was procured must also be provided with the critical information required for accurate payment (e.g., UNOS ID, organs recovered, facility, etc.). This is a highly manual process with a significant number of failure modes:

  • Provider fails to notify their local billing team of the organ procurement; no claim is ever received due to engagement
  • Billing team members forget to send the claim for service; no claim is ever received
  • Billing team members do not have a mechanism to keep track of whether the transplanting center or host OPO has paid claim; no payment is ever received

On average, 65% of organs procured for other Host OPO or Receiving Transplant Centers are not billed accurately, resulting in lost revenues to the transplant program. In addition, the lack of a process for billing and tracking surgeon procurement activity has resulted in a loss of confidence in the wRVU scorecards and productivity reports.

On average, 65% of organs procured for other Host OPO or Receiving Transplant Centers are not billed, processed, and paid for in a timely and accurate way.

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